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The documentation to the tour 2002 is available now. More than 70 photos and a half-hour long film document the events from November 2002. ->

Photographer: Matthias Knoch
Category: Session
Location: Auenwald, Leipzig
Date: September 2002

Photographer: Matthias Knoch
Category: Concert
Location: Moritzbastei, Leipzig
Date: March 2002

Photographer: Markus Wustmann
Category:: Session
Location: Directors Cut , Leipzig
Date: December 2000


Here you can find a selection of the slides we project during our concerts.

Production: Gesellschaft für Bild + Ton


Thumb cinema "Arabian aerobic"

Start the thumb cinema ->

We produced this thumb cinema as a kind of "hand-video" for the single "Arabian Aerobic" It is available from Schacks.

Video "Arabian Aerobic"

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This video was produced by Markus Wustmann / Ansichtsache for the single "Arabian Aerobic"

Record Release Party "Guter Name, sowieso"

Start the stream -> Real

A live video from the record release party, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, March 27 2001, realised by contour.net and Kodak.

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Photo | Slide | Video

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